Wednesday, 23 April 2014

First year.

I have my finals starting in two days, and within another ten days I will be done with my first year in college.
I remember the dread I walked into this year, the fear of making no friends, turning out to fail misrrably at law, the trauma of taking care of myself. Well needless to say, I managed.
I've made some amazing friends, my boys who are constantly my stronghold, they're like the perfect combination of guardians. One encourages me to live my life and go wild while the other one lightly holds me back from going all out crazy and nudges me towards the right path more than once. My girl who is probably the purest human I've met, it's annoying how she doesn't feel the need to judge and bitch, and part of me feels unfulfilled but she makes me.feel like a better person.
I am born to be a lawyer. Actually I was probably born to be an Actor but life is hard so I'll settle for law. It's so hard, and I am failing miserably at it, but there are people who are worse off, so I suppose I cut to being average.
Living alone was a pain, the cleaning after yourself, burnt meals, no meals, dirty underwear, lots of new underwear, everything but I managed and today I signed a lease for my own apartment for the next year.
It's funny how one day your wetting your pants (figuratively) and in no time everything falls into place. This first year and flown by so fast and by God's grace it was so good, I cross my heart and hope the next four years are the joyride I'm expecting.